560ti GTX Problems

I just recently bought a Geforce 560Ti GTX by PNY and a Corsair HX750watt PSU but it doesn't seem to be working properly. I installed it myself and I am not super great at putting comps together, its my first time and I'm only 17 lol. Anyways when I play games I don't get very high FPS, for example I only get around 20 fps in World of Warcraft and Mafia 2 is pretty laggy. I was wondering if you guys could help me get the full potential out of my GPU.
Here is a image link to all the info you should need about my computer

All my drivers are up to date and so is windows and directx.
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  1. Your cpu is low end for a quad, the 8x00 quads are terrible due to their very low clocks and already high fsb clock.
  2. Alright thanks, i will upgrade my CPU then :p
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