Why is the GTX 580 superior to the Radeon 6970?

Hello. I'm building a new rig by October, and I'm carefully choosing every component for it, and there's one thing that bothers me. I've always been kind of a "Nvidia guy", but after seeing many reviews and benchmarks where the GTX 580 absolutely beats the 6970, I find the results very odd, because, according to this chart (scroll down to see it), the 6970 has higher clocks, compute performance, texture fillrate/units and stream processors than the GTX 580. That'd be enough for the 6970 to beat the GTX 580, isn't it?

Then why the GTX 580 kicks 6970' ass in every benchmark I've seen? Is it because of superior chip architecture, and thus cannot be changed, or it's a matter of bad drivers? It bothers me, because if it's a matter of drivers, who can say that ATi won't release a new Catalyst version that fixes them, and unleash all the horsepower the ATi 6xxx cards theorically have?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)
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  1. You can't just compare hardware specs, they are completely different architectures.

    But yeah, the GTX 580 is a superior card.
  2. You cannot compare hardware specs...I agree to that to a degree, but it doesn't stop seeming 'odd' to me...

    So, the GTX 580 (Fermi) is a superior architecture then?
  3. think of it like building a house to withstand tornado winds with x amount pieces of wood. nvidia figured out how to make their house more sturdy by arranging less pieces of wood in more efficient and powerful angles than amd was able to. amd used more pieces of wood but didn't align them as well as nvidia did with less.
  4. the nVidia cores and AMD streams are just different, 1 nVidia core is as powerful as 5 AMD streams, but brings to you only 2-3 times more performance, in single card comparision 580 wins from 6970 hands down due to a lot of power on that card, but AMD has improved scaling with 69xx and if you compare 6970s to 580s then 6970s are mostly the same or even win on some games:


    you can look some pages back, there are shown single card performances, it also depends on games, many games and MMORPGs prefer nVidia...

    @ferelden, your example is truthful, but nVidia used "larger" pieces of wood than AMD did, and if you compare the volume of the wood used, then AMD used less...

    , so it's just nVidia used more "pieces of wood" than AMD, but AMD has better architecture

    also as mentioned above, you can't compare clocks on different cards, for example GTX 550Ti is over 3 times worse than 6950, but has higher clocks, also the clocks can be "changed" *OC*, so the performance will be improved
  5. And when building a house with 2 rooms the structure is the same strength or slightly stronger in some case because AMD has better scaling in crossfire then Nvidia. Someone should send an email to Nvidia and AMD suggesting they should start building tornado proof houses..ha ha ha.
  6. The 6970 is more comparable to the 570, although faster. 580 is the single fastest card.

    I don't like those house comparisons... AMD cards use less power for the same performance. Seems pretty efficient to me.
  7. people didnt really give the correct answer..

    the answer is simple :DIE SIZE
    gtx580 chip about %30 bigger than 6970

    and also

    nvidia strategy: win fasters single gpu card (achileved gtx580)
    ati strategy: make more efficient chips and make
    the fastest card (achieved 6990)

    also gtx580 costs 500usd while 6970 costs 350 ...

    so i hope you get it now..
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