HD 6950 Eyefinity screen tearing.

Just a few days ago I recieved my HIS Radeon HD 6950 with 3x BenQ 21,5" LED G2222HDL... Eyefinity is so darn awesome, which is why it sucks that I get screen tearing problems.

- I'm running in landscape. I hear Portrait is giving a lot of trouble, but Landscape is what I want anyways.

I have connected two monitors with DVI and one with DVI through a "Sapphire Adapter Active miniDP to SL-DVI"

Depending on what I choose as the "prefered monitor" I either get screen tearing on the "miniDP" connected monitor or the two DVI connected monitors. Until I have a fix, I obviously choose to connect a side monitor with the MiniDP and pick the DVI ones as prefered, resulting on screen tearing on only the left or right monitor (right now the left monitor).

- I've tried with setting Vertical Sync always on in the CCC and always keep it enabled in the games I play. Doesn't work.
I've tried with Tripple Buffering aswel, doesn't work either.

I'm really in a hurry about finding out what to do, since I have a limited time to return my hardware incase I can't fix it. (9 days left)

Since 11.2 is the oldest Driver that works with this card theres no possibility of going back and testing some older Drivers to eliminate the problem. The 11.4 doesn't fix it for me either.

I don't mind that I have to go out and buy/replace my stuff. As long as it's not my monitors. I already like these monitors even though they we're the cheapest I could find for the purpose

Things people seem to be suggesting me over and over again are:

- Vsync, Tripple Buffering etc etc enabled.
- Some people say the Adapter is the problem. Saying that I need some adapter that connects to USB for power.
Which is pretty lame, I'd expect when Sapphire was selling this kind of adapter that wouldn't be a problem. However it isn't listed on the ATI list for Validated Dongles/adapters: http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx

But it's a friggin Sapphire miniDP adapter not just some random non-active crap... And it's afterall working - I'm not getting any screen tearing as long as I put the miniDP connected monitor to preffered, problem is that leaves the DVI monitors having screen tearing(So I obviously prefer having a single side monitor with screen tearing instead of two.)

So is it a problem I can expect getting fixed with new drivers? In that case I don't mind hanging on to my newly aquired hardware.

Or is it actualy the adapter that is to blame? or hell even the GFX itself for some weird ass reason, that won't be fixable?

I'm a total newb.. But everywhere I ask I keep getting the "Enable Vsync and Tripple buffering" answer thrown in my face over and over again, when I've obviously tried such basic things.

I'm really confused as to what I should do since I have only a limited amount of days to make a decision/figure this out.

Sorry if I keep repeating myself and If I'm saying something silly - I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this and I've been using so many hours just searching and reading about these problems, leaving me with a bit of a headache :(

Hoping for some good advice/help from you guys :D

- Reptyl
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  1. well dont really know whats causing it (as you said, could be the card, adapter or drivers), but the easy way out would be buying one of these Sapphire 6950 FLEX (when they finally hit the shops)
    3 DVI outputs that can be used at the same time, shouldn't cause any problems as far as I can see :D
  2. I think I've made up my mind with what to do.

    I'll just be buying a god damn 6990 when I'm building my whole new PC from the bottom @ mid may instead. Then I will never have to worry about tearing, nor performance issues on the high resolution!
  3. Install driver sweeper from Phyxion.net, download the AMD Catalyst Control Center 11.8 and the coinciding application profiles. Go into add and remove programs, remove the application profiles, restart, remove the catalyst control center and all drivers, restart, install and run driver sweeper to remove all remaining remnants of amd drivers, install AMD CCC 11.8 and application profiles and you'll be good to go. I did this yesterday.
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