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Graphics Card Issues & Recommendations

Today I brought my partner a 2nd hand OEM PC

e2220 2.4 (x2)
DVD RW Drive
4 in 1 card reader (they all appear as seperate drives)

it has a 300W PSU:

I put in a PCX 5750 (Old Card made in 2004) for her to play Sims 2, but getting alot of pixel related errors every so often and its only running at stock speeds. (Reboot twice whilst she was playing)

I've seen people using 8600GTs and 4670s on this type of PSU.

So I need help...

Question 1: Is it likely that the PSU cant handle the card? Or is the card likely to be faulty?
Question 2: Would my components draw too much power that I shouldn't have a graphics card in it?
Question 3: Assuming my PSU is fine, what would be some recommendations for 2nd hand cards (3xxx, 4xxx ATI series or 7xxx, 8xxx Nvidia series).
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    That PSU is pretty weak, even when it was new. With only 19 amps on the 12 volt rail, it is most likely your problem. There are plenty of 350-400W units selling for around $35-$40. If the extra cost isn't an issue. Look for a 12v rail with at least 25 amps for that set-up.
  3. ahh looks like i dont have a choice unless she wants to use the onboard. thanks.
  4. It would seem the psu should be fine for a card that old. I'm betting the card is just bad.
  5. ^ That card doesn't even require an additional 6 pin or 8 pin. If you are running a current 64 bit OS you may be running into driver issues as well.
  6. 32 bit OS :/ updated the drivers to nvidias latest
  7. I've been following this post all day, and I have to say that my hat's off to ya lazy_mofo!
    You've got an older system back in use. Play with the graphics settings a bit more, and it may get stable for you.
  8. I tried underclocking the card a bit, still a no go =(

    This OEM PC was made in 2009, so the PSU is 2-3 years old, anyway I'll get away with still using it? Im kean to try a 7600GS in it..... or even a 8500GT.... any thoughts?
  9. ok so after doing some researching i see the 7600GS requires a 12 volt 18amp and mines a 12 volt 19amp so i should be ok?

    also I removed the graphics card that was in there, the onboard is sadly preforming better so ill assume the card was faulty or there was some driver issues.
  10. I have a concern in regards to the components.

    Currently Im paranoid the

    - All in one card Reader &
    - Hp pocket media drive bay

    Might draw too much power from the PSU, and maybe thats the problem. Can anyone confirm if these would draw too much power?
  11. so I think I've decided on a 4350, its DX 10 so will worth well with vista, recommended 300W PSU so mine being 12V 19A should still do the job - any thoughts?
  12. In the end I went for a HD5450 512 DDR3, works fine on my current PSU, runs Sims 2 on Max Settings and Wow on a highish resolution on 'fair' graphics at a steady 60fps, good for a media card imo
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