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I purchased an ASUS P8Z77-V Pro motherboard and an Ivy Bridge i7 3770K processor. The user guide for the motherboard has a list of compatible RAM, but I can't seem to find any similar list for the CPU. If I purchase RAM that is listed as compatible for the Z77 mobo, is it guaranteed to work with the processor?
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  1. The short answer (and long one too) is yes it will work if it meets mobo specs. Intel may spec 1.5 V for SB CPUs but some mobos (including mine) will run 1.6 V RAM.
  2. So as long as the motherboard's manual says the ram is compatible, I shouldn't worry about it? Because the manual says this 8GB Corsair Vengance memory is compatible, yet an article on Corsair's website implies that it's not compatible with Ivy Bridge Processors.

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