How much more can I get out of my OEM PC

Hello, im very new here, I have spent a while searching the web looking for info on an upgrade for my OEM, and this site got my attention.

What I would like to know is whats the best graphics card I could get for my PC (And maybe how much RAM could my PC support :whistle: ) which was was bought a year ago for me and before replacing it i am curious as to how much more I could get out of it. Please, even if you think I should just get a new PC I would still like to know what I could get out of my current one.

It is an iMedia X4520 UK, the motherboard is an Acer MCP73T-AD.
Currently the graphics is just an Nvidia GeForce 7100 630i (integrated) and the small case of the OEM is so small im not sure a bigger card will fit.

Thanks for any time you put into this.
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  1. I couldn't find any concrete info based on those model numbers, so could you list what you actually got in there?
    Like power supply wattage
    memory type ( i can see it only has 2 slots, so my guess would be 2x2GB max, are there any small print on the mobo near the slotts that could help)
    if the video card should be low profile? like this
    (i can see there is a pcie slot, so that is a good sign anyways)
  2. If it helps any the computers model is "imedia S3720"

    The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @2.50Ghz
    The Computers power supply is 220-240v
    It's Current memory is 3GB DDR2, from looking around I found this Information on my machine models memory cap so I think that part of my question is answered.
    And as for the video cards profile, I "believe" it should be a low profile card.

    Thanks for your time.
  3. Mool-Ti-Pass said:

    The Computers power supply is 220-240v.

    thats the mains voltage, not usefull

    anyhow the low profile will limit your choices quite a lot, to the lower end of the performance scale... :/
  4. Kari said:
    thats the mains voltage, not usefull

    anyhow the low profile will limit your choices quite a lot, to the lower end of the performance scale... :/

    Sorry, I believe the correct answer is 15A... Im one of the "computer illiterate" crowd which is why I need advice :)
    My PSU is a hipro hp-d250aa0, from looking around Im wondering if I need to upgrade it before looking at a new GPU
  5. based on the model number it is a 250W unit and seems to have only 14 amps on the 12V rail (totaling 168W, 12V line is the important one in modern computers since all power hungry parts use it)

    The fastest low profile card I could find on newegg is based on Radeon HD5670 512MB made by MSI.
    heres a review of a similar card, HIS 5670 512MB
    The absolute max power consumption is 66W, 54W in 'games'

    Taking into consideration all the other parts as well, you would be pushing the psu real hard, it should still work but I wouldn't use it as a permanent long term solution.
    Though finding a replacement might be a bit trickier since the psu seems to be smaller in size than a standard ATX PSU. (I believe it's microATX) Of course if there is enough space around the current psu you might get a atx psu to fit in there. Around 350-400W unit would be a good choice.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to help me out with my post, I will defiantly look into your recommendations and consider what I want to do with my PC.
  7. yep it is a microatx psu, looked thru some at newegg and the screw layout at the back is similar. (it is different on atx psus so 'normal' unit wont fit)
    Most of the micro psus on newegg are a bit questionable though, mostly brands that I have never really heard of, only the fsp group's units seem to of any quality. :/
  8. Thanks again, I'll look into a new PSU and GPU based on your info, I spent a while "googling" for info but these forums have given me a more direct answer to my query for which I am grateful for.

    In my first post I said I was curious as to how much more I could get out of my OEM PC, I don't use my machine for much other than my work and 1 MMO so finding out how far I could go with it means I could better ponder my options in terms of just squeezing a bit more life out of my current one or buying a new machine.

    Again, thanks for your time and input, I will more than likely be back in the future asking for recommendations on a good PC:sol:
  9. I would stick with a HD 4650 or HD 5450 both available in low profile
    Both are extremely low powered cards
    I personally own the HD 4650 overclock it and using with a 280 watt psu with no problems
    The HD 5670 is a great choice fo low profile (plan on getting one myself)
    but draws more wattage than the 4650 or 5450

    the 4650 or 5450 would both be major upgrades over your onboard graphics
  10. This way you wouldnt have to change your power supply which for
    a beginner can be a tough project
    <disclaimer> I am not trying to push hardware I own saying it is the best

    the HD 4650 has been great for me
    I got the Sapphire 1gb ddr2 128 bit model for $45 USD on US ebay
    It is a good multimedia card with HDMI HDCP UVD2 video decoder (helps with
    video playback on Youtube,Hulu etc)
    I can play Crysis Warhead,BioShock 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 at low- medium settings
    at 1920x1080 resolution
    I owned a 7600GS which is the same family of graphics processor as you onboard
    graphics you have and the HD4650 is WAY better than that

    There is also the HD4350 which is the lowest powered card I know of
    but a solid multimedia card (not a game card)

    The 5450 would give you the advantage of DX11 which is not drastically important
    now but would help later on.

    Of all the low powered low profile cards the HD5670 is probably the best
    but might be a strain on your power supply
  11. ...I bought this unit pretty cheap from pcworld for my son. We quickly found out that there was no way that we could do too much with the graphics card due to the tiny case-size and the ridiculously-underpowered PSU - no matter how much I messed about with ducting and such. Anyway...a quick bit of googling, and I found out how to run a PSU without plugging it into a MOBO, using a paper-clip; so I hooked a couple of twin-12v rail 250watt PSU's up to a graphics card that needed around 400-500watts (that particular data was written on the side of one of them). I went to maplins to get the connector-converters to whack on the connectors that're normally used for the hard drives and such....cost me about a tenner for the two of them. lol...I know people will disagree with how I solved my bottleneck, but the fact is, it's still running 3 years later, and has allowed my son to play every game going on full pelt - apart from battlefield 3, which had to be turned down a bit for the big scenes.
    Anything is possible with a bit of imagination...don't let something as silly as facts get in the way.
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