Can I run a 2nd hdd

RIght now I only have 1 1tb hdd. COult it be possible to add a 2tb hdd. My motherboard is a gigabyte Z6Xp-D3 (sata 3) and I think im running around a 720 Watt power supply
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  1. Yes, you can. You should have several SATA slots available.
  2. Doesn't sound like it should be a problem at all for you.

    There are at least 4 ports on the motherboard for SATA data cables just like the one that goes to the hard drive you are using now and your PSU most definitely has an extra SATA power cable and that is really all you need.

    If the SATA data cable didn't come with the new hard drive (it should) then you would need to buy one of those separately, but I don't see much else standing in your way.
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