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Hi guys,

A friend has recently purchased one of these and apparently the mobo is this, and he is distinctly underwhelmed with the stock 4gb ram, the obvious solution being to upgrade.

Does anyone here know whether that mobo will be able to handle 32GB (4x8gb) of ram, the spec says up to 16gb max but in the past I've ignored the mobo spec (my desktop was max 8gb now has 16gb, laptop max 1gb now has 8gb etc) and its worked out fine, the only issue being that now its not my money on the line if I buy an incompatible part, I'm not looking for a definitive yes or no but rather if anyone has experience with this mobo (has ever put an 8gb chip in, or even better has put 32gb in) or with a similar mobo, just want to know what the likely hood is of it working so that he can make an informed decision.

Thanks guys
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  1. No, that mobo cant support 32gb, only 16gb. What is your desktop's mobo?
  2. well its not actually my current desktop but if I recall correctly it was an MSI-G41 which I sold on, before selling I put 2x8gb sticks in and windows picked up all 16gb

    My laptop was a big shock, I created a thread here a while ago about wether it would support 4gb, I was told it might and when I tested it it was fine with 4gb then someone posted later that they had added 8gb and it worked, when I got an 8gb chip it also worked perfectly.

    Do you happen know what that limiting factor is on the mobo which stops it detecting larger amounts of memory? and is it a per module limit (ie max 4gb per module) or could I put it 2x8gb modules and still have it work fine?
  3. 4gb per module. Mobo's memory controler hub has a limit of max supported memory.

    Dont know about your g41. G41 has a max limit of 4gb ddr3 ram and 8gb ddr2 ram.
  4. Came across this site whilst doing some research, anyways what a great forum!! which brings me to my first question, did you ever get around to trying the 32gb ram?? and did it work?? currently trying to build a gaming pc and just tryig to gather as much info as possible before i go ahead and create one!!
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