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hello i have a dual wan port router using 2 wifi reapter 1 plugin in each wan port 1 and 2 to connector to each of my adsl modem routers via wireless both connection are up to 8meg im getting about 700kb/sec on each connection when use 1 connection but when try both connection the speed is still same as 1 connection i check the loading share and it not staying on 50% for each connection im trying to download with usenet with fast speed of both connections it just like im only geting speed from wan port 1 i check to make both are connected my router is EDIMAX BR-6624 and my wifi reapters are tp-link both connection are full speed when use on 1 wan port just when try both seem don't seem to go faster i check logs seem like it only using 1 wan when i download so not sure what settings to change. so hope some 1 could help i would be happy say more about this thanks
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  1. so no one on here know anything about my post or have i just not posted the right information for you to help me out thanks
  2. Hi,
    This issue is caused by specific insecure programming practices that allow so-called "binary planting" or "DLL preloading attacks". These practices could allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code in the context of the user running the vulnerable application when the user opens a file from an untrusted location.

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  3. very technical problem but if you read the set up instructions then possibility of getting solution is more.

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