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Processor compatibility - MSI 785gt-e63

I'm looking to upgrade my processor on this motherboard:

According to the list of supported processors, the newest and highest benchmarking would be a Phenom II x6 1090t.
I was thinking of getting a Phenom II x4 instead for the lower price and higher clock rates for gaming, but according to MSI's support list it only goes up to the Phenom II x4 960T which has a lower clock rate.

However, according to this website (, my motherboard supports up to a Phenom II x4 975. I'm assuming that as long as it is the same processor family, getting a slightly newer model (the x4 980) would also work even if the compatibility list doesn't specify it.

Am I right?
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    Most likely it will, but you can put in a tech request from msi if you like.
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