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BIOSTAR A780L3B and Phenom 965

So my friend bought this motherboard and a AMD Phenom x4 965 quad core processor. When he tried to install all his new parts, an error message appears saying that the motherboard only supports 95w processors. He thought that only because the MOBO description said that is supported AM3 processors he could buy a 965. Is there any way to work around this or is he screwed?
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    I assume you mean a Phenom II x4 965? I see a 125 watt version and a 145 watt version, either way it's more than 95 watts.

    Under details for that motherboard at Newegg it says "It is recommended to use 95w CPU." I guess buy recommended they really mean required.

    Yes, here ( under CPU support the table has nothing over 95 watts listed so it doesn't look hopeful for your buddy.
  2. For that mobo, max cpu TDP is 95 watt. More than that is not supported by that mobo. AM3 processor upto 95watt is supported in that mobo.

    That processor is more than 95watt. Thats why there is error message. He can run phenom II x4 x945 in that mobo.
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