Yet another power on/off issue

I'll start with my system specs:
Asus Sabertooth X58
Corsair TX750
i7 930
3x2GB Gskill DDR3 1600
Radeon HD 6850
50GB Adata SSD
500GB Seagate SATA
2TB Samsung F1 SATA
Custom water cooling loop

It's been about two years since I built this computer. By no means am I an amateur when it comes to pc hardware and fixing problems, but it seems this time I have met my match. I've sent my computer through overclocks big and small (but nothing dangerous) and it's been a champ up until about a week ago when it randomly shutdown in the middle of a game. I waited several seconds and hit the power button. The mobo lights flickered and I heard a faint clicking (probably from the hdds) and then it died. I waited a bit longer and the same thing happened. Repeating this I was presented with no response at all.

I then removed all ram and my gpu and let it sit for 20-30 minutes with the psu off and unplugged then booted. I heard beeps which is a good sign for the mobo, so I put everything back in and on startup was presented with two solid red lights which apparently indicate issues with dram and cpu. I took the ram out and reset cmos via jumper then put the ram back in and everything worked fine after resetting bios settings.

About 48 hours later the same problem presented itself. I narrowed the fix down a bit to resetting cmos, removing ram, and letting it sit for some time.

48 hours later it happened again. This time it was while I was sleeping and the computer was simply idle. When I got around to noticing, the components were ice cold and I still couldn't boot. This tossed my idea of an overheating issue out the window.

24 hours later it happened again and this time I narrowed the fix down to removing the ram, waiting about 5 minutes, then reseating/shuffling the modules around - no cmos reset required.

Less than 12 hours later it happened again. This time nothing I try will fix it. I removed every component to discover a very dusty psu. I cleaned everything out of the computer until it was shiny black. Still a no go. As a last resort I removed the mobo battery and every component then put it all back after about 30 minutes. Now I'm presented with mobo light flickering for around 1 second then a power down. This cycle continues until I turn off the psu and unplug the cord.

I'm thinking the culprit is my Corsair TX750 even though I checked the rails and they were all good (3.3 was like 3.28v, 12 was 12.1v, 5 was 5.08v). I'm going to buy a new psu in the next couple days and I really hope the issue does not lie in the mobo and/or cpu because I don't have much money to waste. If anyone could advise me and/or comment on my issue before I go about spending money left and right I'd greatly appreciate it. Also if the concensus is a faulty psu I'd like suggestions as to a solid replacement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (looking at you seasonic).
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  1. i would think thats the power supply, do you have another system you could test it on?
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