Something wrong with my memory?

my pc has suddenly gotten really laggy and i suspect something's wrong with my mem.

i bought a 10600 (1333mhz) KVR but cpuid says that it's 10700 (667mhz)? so did i accidentally underclock it or something?
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  1. erised said:
    my pc has suddenly gotten really laggy and i suspect something's wrong with my mem.

    i bought a 10600 (1333mhz) KVR but cpuid says that it's 10700 (667mhz)? so did i accidentally underclock it or something?

    no what your mb did was read one of the rated speeds in the rams jdec. all rams have them. most people have to go into the bios and tell the mb to use ram xmp profile to get the max speed. what i would do first is use f8 boot into safe mode and then use msconfig and turn everything off in start up other then your anti virus. you could have two programs or a viruis that using a lot of ram. some thing for house cleaning a pc is ccleaner...defrag malwarebytes and a good anti virus. also check to see if yours is still working most will time out after a year some will do it in 30 days if pre loaded on a pc. avast and avg are free for a year.
  2. i constantly do ccleaner, use avast + virus scan every half a year (it's not as often as i should i know), defrag every 2-3 months. everything's good. i'm pretty sure the lag isn't due to the above mentioned problems.

    i still suspect it's hardware related since my pc runs louder than usual, like the fan is noticeably louder? so i suppose my memory is working fine since i checked bios and it's actually still running at 9-9-9-24 and 1333mhz plus based on what you've just mentioned. thanks smorizio anyway, appreciate your really speedy response. do you think it could be due to anything else?

    that said, i know this is not related to my original question, but i'm using i5-2500 and asus p8h67, is there any difference between using the KVR 4gbx2 1333mhz and corsair vengeance 4gbx2 1600mhz? i'm thinking of doing an upgrade if there's noticeable difference
  3. 667mhz is 1333MHz

    When u add mixed RAM, it will clock it to the slower one.

    So it is running @ 1333MHz and it is what it supposed to be.
  4. What slowdown did u experienced?

    When it happened?
  5. Can u post the link to that KVR RAM?
  6. noise is fans...i pop the case panel and check to see that no wires are in the fans. and that all the fans are moving and there no dust clogging them. hardware monitor is a good program or fanspeed to check pc temps. if you have a nvidia video card you can use msi afterburner to see what the fan speed profile is of your video card. mb and cpu if they get to hot will clock the cpu speed down to save the cpu from burning out. I would check to see that when you did the ram upgrade you did not pull a wire or disloge the cpu heat sink.
  7. oh wait, i don't have mixed ram. both pieces (4gb x 2) are KVR and both are 1333mhz. the vengeance 1600mhz is a separate question all together. i just think that it's value for money, although if there's no noticeable performance increase compared to my current KVR then i wouldn't bother upgrading.

    ok lags such as
    1. once i type in my password, it takes really long to get past the welcome screen, like 5-10 mins. even 15 mins at times.
    2. once i get to the desktop, it again might take a while (5-10 mins) before i can start clicking any icon or the start button. if i do any of these, the comp will just freeze.
    3. i get frequent hangs when multitasking, which i have not gotten before say a month ago.
    4. there have been one or two instances where my dram led comes on (again in the last one month where this issues started surfacing) and i can't start my comp up although that hasn't recurred for at least a week already.

    why i mentioned about my pc running louder than usual is because when i do normal stuff which don't stress the pc at all, like watching videos or surfing the web, the PC used to be really quiet - to the extent that the fans aren't audible from 2-3metres away. now, even doing normal stuff, i can actually hear it from the other room? and yes, i've checked my cpu fans, gfx fan and processor fan is still in place too - all working fine without any obstructions. cleared the dust by cleaning the fans too.
  8. sorry, anybody?
  9. try taking one dimm out and see if the pc speed changes you could have had a dimm go bad. if you have a spare hard drive or know someone that has a spare drive try installing a clean image on this test drive in your pc could have an issue.
    also check your bios rev on the mb..there been a lot of bios fixes for your mb. 0408 is the firs asus bios there now up to 3603 there been 11 patches. if you have the first bios you have to do the flash files in order from lowest number first. when your done hit f5 and save stock settings. if the mb still act slow i would try and clear the cmos with the power off. i would use open hardware monitor to see if the gpu or cpu is over heating.
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