New Sandy-Bridge build.

This is my first build in 4 years, I'm making a computer which i want to be fairly powerful. I'm a programmer so i'll be compiling on it, tho it'll also be used for CS5 and gaming. What I'm looking at at the moment is the following:

Motherboard; Gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3
Processor; Intel i7-2600k
RAM; G.Skill 8gb (2x4gb) 2133mhz kit
Graphics card; ATI 6970
PSU; Corsair TX850

From what I've found so far i think my build is looking good (any tips appreciated) tho i want to know what heatsink would be good for the processor? I'll no doubt be overclocking it. The case i have is pretty big, tho if it came down to it i'd prob buy a bigger case if needed to fit a more efficient heatsink. Also I'm not 100% certain about the power supply, i intend to crossfire in a month or 2 when i got some extra cash and not sure if it's enough for 2x6970's. Then the ram, essentially i went with the G.Skill kit because i couldn't find much else that would run 2133mhz dual channel in 4gb sticks and it seemed affordable, again this is because in another month or so i'll have the extra cash to put another 2 sticks into the system. If there is better ram (either size or efficiency) i'd like to hear about it. I believe the motherboard and cpu are more then capable of my needs tho any suggestions would be taken on board.

I'd like to get the best out of my system without splashing out to much more then i already intend where possible.
(Btw this is my first post on this forum so be gentle with the newbie)
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  1. You really don't need 2133 ram to get the most of your system. Even with 1600 ram a speedy ssd drive is still the bottleneck.
  2. Let’s start off with the board; Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 is one of the new Z68 boards that Gigabyte came out with that doesn’t have a have support for the IGP (Intergraded Graphics on Processor). So with this board you will not be able to take advantage of Intel QuickSync or switch from the dedicated video with Lucidlogix. So you might want change to another Gigabyte board like the GA-Z68XP-UD3P that supports the IGP and Virtu software.
    Now the memory just so you understand the memory speed over maybe 1600 has no real performance increase for you. Even overclocking won’t offer any benefits from the 2133. The processor’s memory controller will limit the memory speed to 1333 and there may be a slight performance increase for 1600 otherwise save yourself the money to use where you will get more value out of it.
    The Intel® Core™ i7-2600K is an amazing processor which can be overclocked to give even better performance very easily. While the Intel Core i7-2600K does come with a HSF(heatsink/fan) that is fine for use at stock clock speeds but if you are going to overclock you are going to want to get a good 3rd party HSF.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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  4. Hey there Ben, welcome to the forums.

    Asides from what the others pointed out, The big thing is CS5. CS5 makes use of the Mercury Playback engine, something currently only available to nVidia GPU's. I would suggest you switch to a GTX 570:

    It performs on par with the 6970, and will allow you to use the Mercury Playback features in CS5.
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