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I don't really know how to start this out.. But i recently bought a HD 5770 as an upgrade from my old hd 5450 and it seems to be doing worse then the older one.. When i bought it i thought i would be able to play games at full fps at highest detail and resolution.. Games that i have all the specs to play arent maxing fps..(I did almost all my testing on force unleashed 2) I looked this up on google and came up with bottlenecking.. Which kinda made sense so i turned all the detail up and the fps started getting more stable, even though stuttering still happened and the fps dropped down a little on cut scenes..

Recently my computer got the blue screen, a couple of times.. i talked to HP about it to get it repaired but by the time the box came for me to send it in, the problems it had stopped.. Since then though it feels like the computer has went slower.. although im not totally for sure..

I mention all this because i'm wanting to buy an upgrade to stablize this all out.. I dont know which will help more though.. between a motherboard and a cpu.. I'm afraid the blue screen crashes might have possibly damaged the motherboard and made it less effective in some way... Although if thats not the case then its obvious i just need to upgrade the cpu.. I would like to know someone elses opinion on the matter however, someone who knows what they are talking about.

I do need a new motherboard anyways however, because my motherboard only supports 95w cpu's but i would really like to figure out if my cpu is bottlenecking my graphics card and making it have these horrible fps.

Amd Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.80Ghz
Radeon HD 5770
Foxconn H(N)-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (
5 GB DDR3 ram
485W PSU

For the game i tested(Force unleashed 2) that is all way above specs yet it stutters a lot.. It does reach full fps.. and does stay there sometimes but others it dips down and makes it unplayable.. if not annoying.. I have a budget of 115 dollars left to spend, so what do you pros think i should get?

I was going to get this, since my motherboard only supports up to 95w cpus

This is my choice for motherboard.. I'll stick with my cpu if people dont think its the problem for it

Thank you for any insight you guys have! :)
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  1. Blue screens can be caused by lots of things. The last thing I would suspect is the motherboard. I would suspect the memory or the psu.

    That cpu isn't really much of an upgrade from what you have so I wouldn't drop $110 on it. I mean it's got more cores but as far as speed for gaming, you could just bump your cpu up to 3.2 and it would basically have the same fps the quad would.

    You need to do some memory testing such as memtest86+. Test just 1 stick at a time and see if they pass.

    Did you install the latest drivers for your new video card from ATI's website when you got it?
  2. Yes i have... I've even done a complete system recovery just to reinstall the driver.. I've been researching the issue all night :(

    And i figured that two more cores would be way better...especially since most of the new gen games are requiring quad cores... But also i read on the motherboard you could overclock a dual core to a quad core... While im not sure i understand how that works.. it would be nice >.<

    Also i just upgraded the PSU and i bought the hd5770 just a day ago.. the blue screen errors happened awhile ago... And it had something to do with the graphics card, and intergraded graphics..which is why i was suspicious of it...

    Edit: Also its a HP motherboard with the bios locked.. so i cant overclock it
  3. I also should mention that i ran 3d mark and got 9.5k on graphics card and 4k on cpu.. So yeah
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