PC will power, but no boot. Which components do I replace?

Here is my problem straightforward:
1. The computer powers on, but does not boot. (The monitor is fine)
2. Every fan starts, but the heat-sink/CPU fan starts, yet it shortly stops each time I power the computer. (So I guess this indicates that I don't need to replace the fan? dunno...)
3. I can't even tell if the processor is the problem or not
4. No beeps when I take out the ram. Either I don't know or there really is a problem
5. The PSU I guess seems to work fine
6. I'm scared that it has affected my motherboard...

My computer is a HP Pavilion Elite m9660f - Phenom II X4 940 3 GHz

Here is the link to the specs:

If you need any more questions please ask! I really need help! Thank you!
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  1. welcome to the forums newcomer!

    look into the troubleshooting link in my sig.

    Hope this helps. And post back with the reulsts.
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