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Will cooler master hyper 212 evo fit in my motherboard ?

i wanna overclock my phenom 955 to 4 ghz planning to get coolermaster hyper 212 evo will it fit in my asus m3n78-em motherboard ? Also will it damage its vrm cause i have heard that this cooler reduces airflow to the vrm ??
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  1. Yes it will, no problem there : )
  2. Its more about the RAM. Do u have low profile?

    Like this one? No problem than.

  3. will it damage my vrm ??
  4. yep very low profile without heatsinks !!
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    brajesh143 said:
    will it damage my vrm ??

    No, it will not damage anything : )

    It should be perfect fit!
  6. i was initially thinking about getting a new asus motherboard with amd 770 chipset and ddr3 is it a worthy upgrade from my current setup for only gaming ??
  7. Well it depends how much improvement would u want.

    Make no sense to spend money to get a little, because the final result will be disappointing, as it would not improve that much.

    Spend $400+ more and it would definitely be visible, that difference.

    DDR3 would not improve all that much. I would stay or invest in the IB+Z77
  8. But, if u like what u got, stay there : ))

    No need to spend more, because the will be always something faster.
  9. thanks for your quick reply :-) i will stay with this current setup will wait for amd piledriver :-) i know amd is inferior but i like underdogs :-)
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  11. Hey, whatever makes u happy, right?

    HW race will not stop.

    Not too long ago I got 2600K and now its surpassed by few others : )
  12. Cool! Good luck!
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