1st Build: Do I have to use thermal paste on stock i-5 2500 cpu?

I just started today building my first system.

I bought a combo from Newegg Intel i-5 2500 and a Gigabyte GA-Z68M mobo.

I know I have to use thermal paste if I use an aftermarket CPU Cooler/Heatsink.

But do I have to apply it if I'm just using the stock Cooler that came with the i-5 CPU? It looks like it already had a small octagonal pattern of something gray on the bottom of the Cooler which I assumed was pre-applied thermal paste or compound.

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    The stock cooler will have it already applied on it so don't worry about it
  2. Is that what the gray stuff is?

    It's not uniformly covering the entire bottom of the fan unit.
  3. It will probably squash and spread out when the cooler is locked down.
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