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I believe my mobo is bottlenecking my specs. It says in CPU-Z I only have 400 DRAM frequency of DDR2, but they're OCZ and have heat sinks on them so they must definitely go beyond that (I can open up my comp and check it out for sure for you guys). Is this an overall bad mobo however? I have an NZXT Tempest case and I'm still getting 50-60 celcius on my BFG 285 GTX graphics card when I'm not even playing a game and my fan speed is at 100%. The main problem I have with my computer is that I'm having major FPS issues with Arma 2, fraps says when I'm not recording that I only get 20-30 FPS, I hear the game is heavy on the CPU. But I always had FPS issues, so I would like some advice on what to do. I'm interested in overclocking since I'm wanting to replace my graphics, cpu and mobo by the end of this summer.
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    DDR means double data rate, so if it shows 400 then your memory is "800 mhz", so I'm guessing there is no actual problem there.
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