Best Graphics card for photoshop?

Trying to finalize some of these KEY components of my build before pulling the trigger on a photoshop build (no gaming). What would you recommend for an i5 2500K build (I know i7 has hyperthreading but I can't afford it) with the XFX XXX-edition 650W hybrid-modular PSU.

For graphics I cannot seem to come up with a good, affordable decision. I know that photoshop likes NVidea cards. I'm looking for a card not more than $120 that will be best bang for the buck without going the GTX 470 route. Some have said on-board graphics will work, but if I want to do some short video editing then I'd be SOL. As far as discrete cards go, some people state you just need GTS 450, some go for the sure-shot GTX 470 that Adobe OFFICIALLY supports, while others go straight for the GTX 560 Ti. I'm just lost!

I'm thinking along the lines of GTX 460 768MB but can't decide on a brand. Does anyone have a good recommendation for this or another card in my price range? Cheaper = better.
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  1. It depends on what size documents you work with in PS. If you do large res or print stuff (300dpi) than the onboard would struggle but a 450 or 460 will handle it, but you dont need more than that. If you dont do anything big the onboard would suffice. Same goes for video editing, it depends on the res. However, I did look at your other posts and you cant use onboard with a p67, and getting h67 will not let you OC. If whats in you member configuration is correct, the 8600gt you have is better than the onboard, and you did say that is disappointing you.

    With the rest of your specs, Id go with the 460. As for brand asus, evga, msi are all good, its your choice which one but you could get the lowest price to save money.
  2. Hey you've done your research too... thanks for taking the time! Yes I'll be upgrading from the 6800 GT OC in a Dell Dimension 4600 (Intel Pentium 4) 1.5GB RAM. It simply tells me at times - "not enough memory" to perform certain edits in Photoshop essentials. I have to kill the Photoshop background processes on reboots, and it just simply hangs with more than 2 apps open.

    It's time for an upgrade! So I am pretty sure I want P67 vs H67 if even just to OC to 4.0GHz. So, keeping price in mind, do you think the GTX 460 760MB is going to be the sweet spot for big (300dpi) photo edits and short video edits - probably while multitasking a little?
  3. Id definitely go with p67 over h67 to OC. Only get h67 for the integrated gpu. And you wont be disappointed with the 460, best bang for the buck imo.
  4. Awesome. So I'm looking into the GTX 550 Ti vs GTX 460 768MB or 1GB. Looks like the GTX 550 takes less power (400W instead of 450W rec. PSU) but has less shader cores or texture units than either GTX 460. So, does that mean anything to me if I'm going to do photo and/or minor video editing? Or are those more important for max gaming resolutions? The 550 Ti seems more "modern" with higher clock speeds, 1GB RAM, lower power, and runs roughly equal temps for a perfect price point for me ($129 AR) ... will I miss the shader cores and texture units?

    Also, am I loosing anything by having a mini-HDMI connector rather than standard?

    I'll be getting the Dell U2211H or similar IPS monitor if that matters.

    This is what I've selected for the moment: EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
  5. I tend to look at real world benchmarks than synthetics or specs. The 550ti is similar to an OC 450 and the performance is 450<550<460, in the middle between 450 and 460, same goes with power and heat (~10W difference between each model in terms of power at full load). But this is only $5 more AR and has a better cooler+more performance, so price/performance 460 still wins. Im not completely sure on this next statement but the more cores and higher texture fill rate should help more. This is just me thinking of the job of a video card which is redrawing in your case. Any change you make(for brush tools) or moving around are pretty simple tasks, more cores would update the pixels faster which is what you want. But as I said before real world performance over specs.

    No difference in mini HDMI vs HDMI.
  6. Allright, thanks again K1114! I'll stick with the original 460. Thanks for your input. I was hoping "newer is better" but I can't find any reason to go less than the 460 any more. You've been a big help.
  7. Hey I hate to hijack this thread - but I want to keep a SB build and not "backtrack" (although it's not necessarily a downgrade) to the 1356 boards. It looks like i5 2500K is only represented once in the Benchmarks. Am I going to notice a huge difference with CS5 or CS6 if I don't get the i7 2600K (which seem to be leading the benchies)? I usually only do 1 or 2 images at a time in Photoshop and use Picasa as my external manager instead of using the Adobe suites (adobe bridge) with which I am not all that familiar.
  8. Your main focus is PS though not premiere, so maybe look at these benchmarks.,2833-15.html
  9. Oh excellent. I am grateful again K1114!
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