Best IPS monitor for the price?

Monitor: $200 Dell Ultrasharp U2311H vs. LG IPS226V – looking for IPS monitor 21”-23” preferably with LED backlighting, although either is fine. Haven’t read much on these two monitors compared (there’s only one webpage with a direct comparison) but I’ve heard many recommendations for the seemingly older U2311H.

I'm looking for a monitor for my i5 2500K setup that I am building. I've only got about $200 to spend on a monitor and have read I need IPS for good color reproduction. Most everyone seems to hands-down recommend the Dell Ultrasharp U2211H, but isn't there an alternative option in this price range?
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    LED backlit monitors tends to have a bluish tint which can throw off good color reproduction. Doesn't happen to all monitors, but it does happen. This is due to blue LED with a yellow phosphorus coating to imitate white light.

    The U2211h and U2311h has been around for sometime and it is easier to recommend those monitors especially since they do not use LED backlight.
  2. So that's a BIG no-go for LED? Or is it a minor factor that a novice photographer can overlook after considering the energy savings?
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  4. I do think both monitors use the same LCD, and thus neither are particularly color accurate (though they are better than TN, and for $200 they should be about the best you can get). I think Dell has a good warranty and return policy, which is important for these Monitors as the QC is pretty poor from what I've heard.
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