Best PC for Graphics Design, 3D Rendering and A/V Creation?

Looking to find out what is the best PC for graphics Design and 3D rendering.

Specifically I like to use Daz Studio but my productivity is being held back by slow render time.
Also heavily use photoshop.
What system specs would be optimum for these applications?
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  1. Instead of off-the-shelf computers, start by looking at some of the custom built computers. i7-2600(K) and at least 8 GBs of DDR3 1600 RAM, GTX-500 series Graphics card.

    From here, customize further. Start your own Excel spreadsheet for comparing different computers from different builders (maybe 3 builders).
  2. Does that mean RAM is more important than processor speed?

    Thank you!

    That is a great start.
  3. Processor speed is important, and once it is in the computer, the user may be able to increase the speed by overclocking.

    However, RAM can always be increased by adding more RAM modules or by selecting higher capacity RAM. For example: 4 x 1 GB = 4 GB, 4 X 2 GB = 8 GB, 4 X 4 GB = 16 GB
  4. Don't forget the Excel spreadsheet!
  5. Working on it right now!
  6. dovel100 said:
    Working on it right now!

    That's what I did before I built my i7 computer. It was nice to see all options side by side. In my case, since it was a self build, I looked at multiple sources for the components.
  7. dovel100 said:
    Does that mean RAM is more important than processor speed?

    Thank you!

    That is a great start.

    I've recently ordered a Workstation for #d animation etc, I'm a G.D also, Well #D rendering is a Cpu very intensive task,and the i7 2600 is well suited for that, on the other hand ram also is very important and the more you got the better it is However the i7 2600 1155 architecture does not allow triple channel memory configuration compared to the earlier i7 1366 architecture, which is way better than the dual channel for our purpose, not gaming!

    But at the end i7 2600 is the way to go....
    I would also suggest to go for a fire pro or a quattro card, GTX 5xx series are consumer gaming cards, not suitable for Design purpose( either you'll be photoshopping,Animating 3D or Mounting videos on premiere pro or whatever), professional cards perform way better than consumer cards @ lower frame rates......And that's all you'll need! And that's what I've done!

    Also if you want to improve your CPU rates get the i7 2600k, it's the unlocked version, and a Z68!
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