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Does anyone own this mobo? or does anyone have any input about this mobo?

is there a gigabyte mobo thats better than this asus? the mobo is for a i7 3770k.
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  1. Picking a motherboard is all about getting what you need, not what somebody else needs. Who cares if it has ten PCIe slots if you're only going to use one. Who cares if it has a thousand USB ports if you only need four.

    Why pay more for features you won't use? Focus less on what is "best" and focus in deciding what you need.
  2. i have that mb and it not a bad board. the only bug right now that been pooping up on aus rog is that after flashing the bios some mb wont power off intell the cmos is cleared. the thermal radar and software is nice...with a large cu fan you can turn down the fan speed so that the mb and pc is wisper quiet.
  3. I personally think that anyone would be crazy to spend more on their motherboard than $200.

    Boards that can be had for $100 or less almost always do "enough" as per Willard's comment.
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