EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified Quad-SLI Bundle Pack Unboxing & Setup

So I've been pretty quiet around these forums for the past twelve months. Nvidia's first-generation GF100 Fermi architecture came and went, from March 2010 and onwards. Product cycles were fulfilled across all market segments, consumers were consuming, enthusiasts were being enthusiasts, and product managers were striving to squeeze every last ounce of marketing out of the Fermi lineup as they saw appealing.

But it wasn't enough for some of us. The first-generation GF100 was plagued with low wafer yields, leaky power transistors and low clockspeed gains followed by rugged thermal dynamics and inadequate heatsink ventilation. Nvidia was trying too hard at its own game, striving to work against the grain of TSMC's supply chain and engineering an overcrowded architecture outside of its competitive means. The final result was a generation of products with an uncertain future, with a composition that required not only a metal-layer respin, but a base-layer respin that took nearly six months to complete.

Today, it's time for me to break the silence. The time has come for a new generation of Dual-GPU extreme enthusiast SLI configurations based on a revised 40nm architecture so dense with positive characteristics and performance gains that even leaked Chinese benchmarks won't do them any justice.

Earlier this afternoon, I received a long-anticipated EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified Quad-SLI Bundle Pack from EVGA. The cards were just installed, and my machine was just massively reconfigured with four 8-pin PCI-E power cables flowing hundreds of watts into these power-hungry GPUs. Now, the cards could have been in my possession on launch-day, seeing that EVGA is not far from my residence in Southern California, but shipping procedure states that the cards need to be shipped out and given tracking numbers. Regardless, I am INCREDIBLY excited to have this extreme Nvidia 40nm GF110 Quad-SLI configuration in my possession, and after many months of waiting, the dream has finally become a reality. This is by far one of the best Spring breaks I've ever had.

Benchmarks coming soon! :sol:\m/

(This is a temporary setup for the weekend while I wait for a few PCI-E power cables to be delivered. Optimal wire management coming soon ;) )

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  1. so when did quad start referring to 2 of something?
  2. A 590 is 2 GPUs SLI'ed on a card, so 2 x 2 = 4.
  3. Just don't overclock them :O
  4. Geek porn.
  5. Quote:
    Please tell me you didn't copy and pasted this from the Hard forums

    This is my original post, taken from the EVGA Forums, AnandTech Forums and OCN on Friday, March 25, 2011. Anyone else re-posting images of my EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified Quad-SLI setup does not have direct authorization.
  6. Is the rest of your system (except 590s instead of 5970s) the same as your 'Member Config' in your profile?
  7. EXT64 said:
    Is the rest of your system (except 590s instead of 5970s) the same as your 'Member Config' in your profile?

    Correct. Thanks for pointing it out though, need to update my Member Config GPU specifications ;)
  8. Only thing you are missing are some SSDs.
  9. Wake me up when an SSD manufacturer releases a native / open standard PCI-E controller architecture. I'll grab two and put them in RAID0. ;)
  10. I can't argue as I don't have an SSD yet either. So, any first impressions vs. your 5970s?
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