Possible to flash bios if computer does not boot

I have got three dell dimension b110 that I am trying to get them to booy up. All three the light on the mb and lan connection light up but nothing else.I have checked the ide cables, psu ram and even put another cpu and hard drive but it does the same thing.I believe it could be the bios but is there a way to flash the bios in situation. Can anyone help.
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  1. Just because the board has power dows not mean it can boot or post. Look at the keyboard, does it light up, does the capslock or numlock light up. If it does than thats a good indication that the board has some level of working function. If it does not then chances are the board can not take any form of input, such as flashing.

    Reasons a board wont post could be
    its a dead board
    dead, incompatible or missing cpu
    bad or incompatible ram
    bad, or not connected correctly PSU
    Short in one of the connectors such as USB or PS2.

    Question is why wont they post. I would remove all non esentials and try to post. Just board, chip, heatsink, 1 ram stick and key board, and of course power, unplug all other connectors and fans from the board. No ide no usb no upfront audios. It should post test the ram and look for the boot drive.

    If you got the board 2nd hand did some one take out the CPU and put the heatsink back in place so it did not get lost?
  2. I was given these desktops that is probably whyI got them for nothing. I,ll try your suggestion and hopefully its not them. Thanks Cletedog
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