Getting a new 560, can I use my old 8800 for my 42" plasma?

Hey everyone. I recently asked about extending the life of my video cards, and was pointed to the conclusion that buying a new card was my best bet ( Thread here). So, after convincing the girl friend, I now have a shiny new eVGA 560 Ti on it's way.

My question now, is it possible to do what someone in that previous thread spoke of and use one of my 8800's to drive my 42" plasma, so I can use all of the 560 for my main (gaming) monitor.

Assuming it IS possible, how would I go about doing it? I assume its not like SLI where I can pretty much just plug it in and go, right? Please, a little direction on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. you can just do that from the one card. you dont need a second card. just set up dual displays on the 560 and you can use the 8800 as a physx card if you play any physx games, assuming your power supply is up to the task.
  2. meh 560 Ti is more than enough for physX, do yourself a favor sell that 8800 and get a HD 5450 (assuming you dont play games on your TV) cheap and will use less energy, which will save you cash overtime :D
  3. 560 Ti will do the physx but it will decrease the performance. Iam2thecrowe is right, use 8800 as physx card. This will increase FPS a little bit .
  4. I was avoiding running both displays from the single 560 so as not to decrease performance on my main monitor, and not have to re-run different (hdmi) cable to my plasma. I'm not worried about physx that much actually.
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