Advice on Budget

Approximate Purchase Date: Within 30 days

Budget Range: 600-750 (will go up to 800 if necessary)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: GAMING GAMING GAMING

Parts Not Required: I just need the actual parts that are going inside the case

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Anything that is highly recommended

Country of Origin: California lolz

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: Whatever

Overclocking: idk what exactly this is cuz im a noob

SLI or Crossfire: idk what this is either cuz im a noob

Additional Comments: Im looking to run WoW and games like fallout new Vegas at max settings I DON'T NECESSARILY WANT TO BUILD IT MYSELF IF THERE IS A GOOD REBUILT PC THAT'S GOOD TO (if it includes windows 7 ill pay up to 850$)

Thank you to everyone that response and helps
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  1. Could you read this and fill out the form as it will save alot of time
  2. mgf derp said:
    Could you read this and fill out the form as it will save alot of time

    Thank You
  3. Can I push ya to $887 ? System is sized for addition of 3nd GFX card at a later date. Cutting budget means less powerful GFX card and the factory OC'd 560's are just great buys.

    Case - $55 - Antec 902 V3
    PSU - $70 - XFX 750 W Core Edition PSU
    MoBo - $380 - ASUS P8P67 Pro
    CPU - incl above - Intel Core i5-2500K Inc in above
    Cooler - Later - Scythe SCMG 2100
    TIM - Later - Shin Etsu
    RAM - $75 - (2 x 4GB) Corsair CAS 9
    GFX - $220 - EVGA GTX 560 Ti 900 Mhz
    GFX - Later - Same
    HD - $65 - Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200 rpm
    SSD - Later - Vertex 3 120 GB
    DVD Writer - $22 - Asus 24X DRW-24B3L w/ LS
  4. Do you live close to Orange Country or Santa Clara? If you do, you can go to Microcenter and get the i5-2500k for like 180.00 before tax.
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