Can a 650tx handle a GTX 580?

i7 2600k
P8P67 Pro B3 MOBO
GTX 460 2GB
8GB G.Skill Ripjaw X Series RAM
Corsair 650TX PSU
1TB Seagate HDD
Antec Illusion 300 Case

That's my current build but now I'm looking to drop the single 460 and pick up a single . Can my PSU handle it? I don't know much about comps but I don't want to overload my power supply with stuff and make stuff break. I won't be OC'ing ANY of my parts.

just looking to be able to max BF3 at max res 4x aa.
i heard the rig they use to show gameplay uses a 2600k with a single 580

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    Yes it can handle a single GTX 580 easily.
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  3. hm. some people are telling me i need an upgrade to 750 to be steady?
  4. No need, the GTX 580 doesnt pull anywhere near enough to require a 750W unit, it can run just fine on a good 550W unit, a good 650W unit can run 2 GTX 460s, it is most certainly capable of a single GTX 580.
  5. Ok thanks mate!
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