Problem with New EVGA GTX 570: Windows 7 won't boot / startup properly

Hello everyone, :hello:

I'm having an issue with my newly installed EVGA GTX 570, after installing the newest nvidia drivers (266.58), I restart the computer and when logging into windows 7, for 3-5 seconds there is a black screen. Afterward, the windows background comes on at full resolution but there are no icons, widgets, taskbar, etc. The only thing I can do is move the cursor and right click with the options to change background settings, resolution, create new folder (which works), but nvidia control panel will not open with right click. If I uninstall the nvidia drivers through safe mode, windows 7 will properly boot up .

Before getting to this point, I had installed the 570 drivers and the black screen would come up right after Windows 7 started up and there'd be no background. This was supposedly the user log-in page, once I disabled the password through safe mode, the background comes up and i can move the cursor around.

I wiped my system, cleanly reinstalled windows 7 64-bit, I have attempted to reinstall/install the nvidia drivers multiple times using Guru3D's Driver Sweeper and CCleaner to remove corrupt registry files. I had removed all my Ati 4850's drivers from the system format, driver sweeper, etc to avoid conflicting drivers and nothing has changed. I tried using a previous nvidia driver version (263.09), but got the exact results. Before the system wipe, I would get a BSOD after windows loaded with the GTX 570 inside, but safe mode worked. This problem was solved by updating BIOS (ASUS website stated that newer version of BIOS "fixed graphics card issue") and I no longer get BSODs but instead a blank desktop screen with nothing but a movable cursor. I also updated my ASUS MB's Chipset, unfortunately the setup is run through ATI CCC and I'm not sure if that conflicts with nvidia's drivers. Regardless, after updating the chipset I removed ATI CCC with driver sweeper an CCleaner; made no difference. :sweat:

After talking to some tech-savvy friends, calling tech support, and reading some forums, I am thinking that this may be a compatibility problem with the motherboard. But I'm not sure if I can conclude that because I have seen some people with my same MB with almost identical specs running the GTX 570 without any problems. Here are some of the forum posts I've read that may be handy.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 125W
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
Antec Neopower 650W PSU
Acer 23" P235H HDMI Monitor
W7 Home Prem. 64-bit

I would appreciate any help/advice with this, as I am very confused Thanks again everyone! :)
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  1. I doubt that drivers are playing any major part of this at this point considering how you gone through most of those steps already. Do you have a older nvidia card or could get one on loan? Put in the old nvidia card if you do got one as the 4850 isn't going to work, install the driver and go into device manager and both cards should show up. You will see the gtx 570 with maybe a exclamation mark. Click on that and see if it is giving a code like code 29 or code 43 as examples. To cut it short your card is a brick.
  2. The PSU is fine, I already tested another PSU which is a tedious chore suggested by tech support, made no difference. No, I did not OC anything, I am using my default profile in BIOS.
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