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Hi guys

i wanna upgrade my wife's toshiba satellite l305-s5944 laptop cpu,right now its a 2.16 dual core, after i installed sisoft sandra ....i come to conclusion i can have 8 g of memory with 64-bit , and i can upgrade cpu i looking to INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz 1066MHz E8335 CPU (SLGEB) or
Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile E8435 3.06GHz 6M 1066 SLAQD CPU, now u may say its not worth ...maybe ur right but pls help me out here and let me know if i can upgrade at least.

second concern it says i can have ddr3 when right now i have ddr2....can i? I would really appreciate ur input here.

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  1. As far as I know, that laptop cannot exceed 4GB of RAM. With this understanding, I am assuming you can only have DDR2 memory in there. If you were planning on upgrading the CPU, the E8335 CPU (in my eyes) would be sufficient.
  2. sisoft sandra says 8 g so i assume 4 g because wind vista 32-bit? intalling win 7 64 bit...would recognize 8 g?
    about the cpu im not sure if its compatible those 2 cpu's with the laptop ....and if i can change at all the cpu...somebody sad its soldered on mobo?....

    and THX for the quick replay
  3. According to the PDF I linked, it states there that your laptop can only support up to 4GB of RAM. In that case, no matter what version of Windows you have (32-bit or 64-bit), no amount of RAM is going to get you past 4GB.

    In the event that it is upgradable to 8GB, then yes. You are correct. Upgrading to 64-bit will allow the OS to recognize all of your memory that you install.
  4. thank you Khubani for supporting my theory with ur knowledge.
  5. Ref: upgrading CPU. For laptops, yes the first and foremost problem is IF it is soldered in - Newer Laptops, may or may not. Older (5/6 yrs) laptops almost always.
    However a second hurtle - ?? if MB and bios support the CPU you like to install. Laptop Manuf seldem publish a listing which CPU is suported. And you can not always go by the series (ie L305-XXXX). Bios for laptops are very restrictive in what they allow you to modify.
    Good example, My A305 has a space for a 2nd HDD, BUT they did not srick tha $2.00 connector to plug one in. The pin-out is there, just no connector. If I did go through the trouble of putting the connector on, I have NO idea if the Bios would support a 2nd HDD.

    Want to speed it up, get her a SATA II SSD.
    .. Fast, SMALL, and expensive just like a sports car. - LOL
    .. Only valid on L305, if you can get one big enough for operating system, Her programs, and Here DATA. Have Toshibia A305 with a SATA II 128 Gig SSD, Love it.
  6. chief :)
    now im more confused than ever:))....but as im reading ur post and seeing that u have the op. to have the 2 hdd...u know what? im the guy who would go 4 it...:) so i thought i will upgrade the bios to latest version then intall a windows 7 64-bit ...than check if it recognizes more than 4 g memory...and if this all goes well than i will open the laptop and take a look at the cpu problem..if it soldered than just forgot about it if not...ill may take a chance on it:)
    like i sad im the guy who goes for it:)...right now im waiting for my p4 3.8 ghz 670 for my dell 4700...nobody gives me a chance on it..:)))
    thx for ur input, makes a great difference when u have multiple opinions.
  7. RetiredChief said:
    Ref: upgrading CPU. For laptops, yes the first and foremost problem is IF it is soldered in - Newer Laptops, may or may not. Older (5/6 yrs) laptops almost always.

    The only newer laptops that have soldered CPU's are netbooks for the most part (ones based on the Intel Atom, AMD Geode, Via CPU's, etc)

    Virtually everything based on any flavor of Athlon/Pentium/Core/Core2/Core i series is socketed.
  8. ok guys the new bios its up , i take a serious look to the cpu's what i mentioned above
    and ..they have 1066 my mobo supports max would work?
    the cpu specs says its for g45/p45 mobo its that.
    Now if i install that cpu..than hes just gonna adjust to mobo fsb? 4x200? than it wont work at full capacity right?
    please just en-light me about cpu mobo fsb options. thx for are ur replays
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    If your MB supports a max 800FSB, then no, a 1066FSB chip will not work.
  10. si im ok now guys , if i wanna upgrade cpu needs to be the x9000 witch is 200$ wont happen anytime soon:) but i got smarter buy signing up here thx to u guys and for ur replays.
    i consider this post solved:).

    thx again too everybody who participated on this post.
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