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HP Pavillion Motherboard

I'm trying to find what the default motherboard is for the HP Pavillion or how to check for it on the computer. I am trying to get a new graphics card for this computer and a best buy review says i need certain specifications:

"PCI Express or PCI Express 2.0 compliant motherboard with 1 dual-width x16 graphics slot; one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector; DVD-ROM drive; 400W or greater system power supply"

Any help on knowing how to check the motherboard would be appreciated
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  1. since hp decided to make more then one model of the pavillion series it'd probably help to list your exact model number
  2. HP Pavillion special edition, windows vista, energy star, nvidia, AMD Phenom
  3. if I remember correctly the model number on HP desktops is on a black or silver sticker located on the back of the computer (where everything plugs in)

    my laptop is a HP Pavilion dv9740us

    you need to locate the letter/number combination that make up the model number
    if this is easier, post a link of your computer from best buy's site
  4. HP Pavillion Phoenix SE a6655f PC
  5. ok I found your computer on hp's site
    you do indeed have a pci express x16 slot on your motherboard but it doesnt say what version of pcie it is. Im pretty sure that pcie is backwards compatible so any pcie card should work. It also say that model has a 300 watt power supply. are you purchasing a video card to play games? if so which?

    this is the upgrade and service manual, this will show you how to open your computer and install/upgrade a video card
  6. i am using the graphics card to play diablo 3, also thanks for all the help!
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    you're welcome :D
    ok I am going to assume hp did not include a 6 pin pci express power connector for video card, and even if it did your power supply would have enough power to run the card. but thats ok there are many video cards out there that will be compatible with your system.

    whats your budget?

    heres what i'd recommend

    ~$65 ATI Radeon 6670

    ~$90 ATI Radeon 6670 w/gddr5 memory

    ~$110 ATI Radeon 7770

    even though the 6670 recommend a 400 watt power suppl,yother members with a hp computer and 300 watt power supply have reported that they have successfully used a 6670, so I'd say a 6670 will definitely work. However the 7770 card recommend at least a 500 watt power supply so I don't think it would work. You could always upgrade your power supply too.
  8. under 250 for the card, and would i have to purchase this pci express 6 pin power connector?
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  10. with the cards I listed no you would not need to buy a 6 pin pcie adapter, those cards are power entirely by the pcie bus.

    apparently the 6670 will run diablo 3 max at 30fps
  11. I have Nvidea for a current card, these would work correct, also you are being tons of help, is there a way i can virtually high five you?
  12. yes these card will work even though you have a nvidia chipset. thanks :D yes /high five lol
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