SLI gtx 465

I want to buy a new motherboard, so I can do sli with my first gtx 465. But, I want to keep my processor amd athlon x4 620. What should I get for a motherboard
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  1. At least buy those bulldozer supported mobos which do support your cpu.
    Because if you buy another am3 mobo you wont have any upgrade path.

    I cant recommend any motherboards to you cuz i really dont use amd so i dont know.But thats my advice.
  2. dont bother with gtx465 in sli, you need at least a 750w good brand PSU, and serious cooling. those cards run notoriously hot and suck power. If you do want to do this, you will need to spend another $150 on a motherboard.... I say just put that money towards a better single graphics card and you will have something newer and more efficient and just as powerful. You can then sell your old card for some more $$$ too.
  3. What should I get for a new card, I want to run BF3 on a higher setting.
  4. whats your budget ?
  5. 250
  6. and it need to work with the motherboard in my hp p6210y, with a 550w ps
  7. try overclocking the heck out of it yet? unlocking the disabled cores(not the 470 bios flash)? checking if it can be bios flashed to a 470?

    get as much free out of it as you can first
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