Should I rebuild now or wait

I am thinking about upgrading my rig I have been looking at the I2500k and x6 1100t, I mainly play games, video edit, and surf net. My system is running fine, but I have around $500 to invest in a new rig. Should I do a upgrade now or just ride this system a little longer.


Current Specs
Q9550 o.c to 3.8ghz,
hd4870 512mb,
8 gig ddr2,
128gb samsung 470 ssd,
4 samsung 1 tb drives
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  1. I would wait. If you are going to upgrade, the def bottleneck is that 4870. Look into a 6950 2GB or 560 ti if your PSU can handle it. Both are excellent GPU's. With that, you should be set for the big games like BF3!
  2. ^^ What he said. As moving from the Q9550 to a Sandy Bridge is going to require significant change and although while it would probably improve performance it wouldn't as much as upgrading the 4870. Cpu upgrade would be two steps up,2951-5.html and graphics upgrade would be three,2935-7.html
  3. I upgraded from a 4870 512MB some time back and it was good. I got a 5870 at that time, mostly because I got an exceptional deal that had a standard price but included a high quality water block.

    So I believe the 6950 2GB would be a nice upgrade.

    Sapphire 6950

    Or a bit more
    MSI Twin
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I will get the 6950 2gb and save the extra cash. Hopefully, I will be ok for BF3 and Rage.
  5. I really should read more carefully. Thanks for the catch Striker
  6. Lol not to derail you, but it says right there under the picture that "Dice has confirmed that these specs are infact FAKE". It's still a pretty good outline though.
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