First time build won't power on, no LED, no fan activity

Hey everyone,

I just completed my first build, and haven't been able to get it to power up at all, let alone boot. Any advice provided would be a great help.

The components are:

Corsair 600T Graphite series case
Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 motherboard
Intel Core i7 2600 cpu
Evga GeForce 560TI
GSkill Sniper DDR3 8GB
Western Digital 1TB HD
Corsair TX650w PSU

I've read through the steps to try first on the sticky, and done everything I could that doesn't require a specialized tool, shorting something with a paper clip, or breadboarding. I've rechecked every connection but haven't had different results. A coworker's first guess was a bad PSU, but I don't have an alternative unit on hand to try (my last desktop's psu is only a 250w, definitely too low for this build).

It seems like it was on the "low" end for wattage, but is it possible that 650w is too little to power this build? I checked several power supply calculators that deemed it sufficient.

Also, the only "activity" I've noticed is that after switching the PSU on, and then switching it off again after several seconds, there is a very faint electrical sounding "click", quiet enough that one wouldn't be able to hear it without the case siding removed. It's definitely in the vicinity of the PSU, which in the 600T is on the floor of the case, adjacent to the bottom of the motherboard.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you come up with.
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  1. From the "activity" that you described it sounds like your PSU is either faulty or not plugged in correctly. Have you tried plugging in your PSU to your old system as to see whether it functions properly? If it does, it's possible that there's a problem with your motherboard.
  2. Have you also ensured you have plugged in the 8 pin plug on the motherboard? its easily overlooked and as above, check your psu/lead (any kettle lead will do, they only need be 5a).
    I would also remove or disconnect any really power hungry devices (graphics card removal spings to mind), a 650w psu "should" run your setup though you can work out how much its using or see what the recommended psu output is on the box of your graphics card.
  3. Did you check the that the lightswitch in your room is on? That happened to me once. The outlet was attached to the switch. My PS also has a switch on the back and one on the power strip. Is it a new case? maybe you have a bad power switch or its not connected.
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