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I recently opened my 4890 up to clean the dust it as it had huge ammounts, the front of the heatsink was like 100% blocked, but as i had no rubbing alcohol left, i used goo gone on the processor to get the paste off as it was stuck on by ALOT, i was wondering if this was okay? or should i redo it with my ocz freeze, and is using 1yr old ocz freeze okay?

my temps are

xfx 4890 oc, and 45% fan speed

40-45c idle
50-62c load

75% fan speed
35c idle
55-60c load

32c idle
55c load
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  1. temps sound fine to me
  2. If you cleaned the old paste off you need to reapply new paste for sure. Aftermarket paste can make quite a difference. IC Diamond 24 made my GTX460 run 4C cooler at idle and 7C cooler at load than the stock stuff. Free overclock.

    As long as it is not dried out I say year old paste is fine.
  3. Hi,
    normally I use good quality silicon grease from Dow Corning.
    You can buy that from the reputable RS.
  4. i used ocz freeze. thats not stock paste, im saying i removed the old paste with goo gone.
    and put ocz freeze on, i was wondering if the goo gone harmed it any.
  5. No, as stated above those temps look fine. I doubt you hurt anything.
  6. are these temps good for 24/7 use or should i get em lower
  7. your temps are fine, don't worry about it, go back to killing zombies
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