Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU

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  1. will be fine at 1080p resolution. no real bottleneck. Some games gain more from faster quad core cpu's but you should be able to play pretty much everything smoothly.
  2. will a Q8300 be a big upgrade, i have a E7200 at the moment
  3. It would. But it depends how much it would cost you. If you are gonna upgrade, then a sandy bridge setup would surely be worth the cash.
  4. this sandy bridge, ppl freak out for it, why? what makes it so good?
  5. never mind its the core i3 - i7, got it now
  6. C2Q is not worth the upgrade, stick with what you have and save for an SB or bulldozer build, also the enthusiast series of Sandy Bridge will be coming but they will likely be priced similar to the i7 980x
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