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Dear friends,

I am having a system with graphic card GTS 450 from Zotac. I am thinking of adding a good sound card to improve soundfor gaming in my motherboard from gigabyte GA -MA78 US2H. will it fit in it.

While playing crysis 2 , sound is giving much problem. I have also loaded Realtek HD drivers in it. But problem is there in sound. What to do.

Please suggests

Digvijay Singh
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  1. hi

    as long as you have a spear pci slot then yes a new sound card will fit.
  2. question, whether this addition of sound card will improve sound as I already has GTS 450 in it. more ever will it fit in my board having GTS 450
  3. Hi

    in order to say weather or not a new card will solve the problem with crysis 2 you will need to tell us what the problem is and weather or not this problem accurs in other programs / games. also tell us what sound setup you have. i.e speakers' connections' software. and as i states as long as you have an empty pci slot any sound card will fit regardless of the graphics card
  4. I agree with darth-stu in that you should continue to troubleshoot the issue with the audio coming from your system and provide the information requested. As to whether or not you can install a sound card, yes, you can. With the GTS450 installed in the PCI-Ex16 slot, you can either install a PCI-Ex1 sound card above the graphics card or a PCI sound card in the last PCI slot.

    -Wolf sends
  5. My motherboard is gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H (rev. 1.0). This motherboard contain Realtek audio chip ALC889A.

    So do think any sound card will fit in this motherboard along with Zotac GTS 450 and will it improve my PC sound in comparison to Realtek onboard sound.

    The main problem is while playing crysis 2, sound starts cracking and lot of disturbance is there and soon after the computer hangs and i have to press restart button.

    I have 5.1 surround sound speaker attached to my computer. I can watch movies and listen to songs perfectly but this cracking and sound disturbance comes when I play crysis 2. otherwise there is no problem.

    As I dont have knowledge and experience of sound quality from a dedicated sound card in comparison to onboard . so i am not sure whether addition of new sound card will solve the problem and improve the sound quality.
    I am playing games on Win xp sp3 plateform.

    please reply.

    Please reply.

  6. Hi

    Considering that you are only having trouble with one game id suggest that the issue isn’t with your sound system but with the games itself.

    At this point id recommend updating the game (if you Havant done so already)
    Also try updating the drivers for your motherboard. After a quick google search it appears you’re not the only person who is having sound issues with crisis 2. Unfortunately I don’t have this games so can’t help with that issue.

    As wolfshadw and i have said if you have an empty pci or pci-ex1 slot then any pci/pciex1 sound card will fit’ the graphics card is irrelevant. Only you can answer this question by opening the side panel and looking inside.

    As far as improved sound goes it really depends on your speakers and connection's. Your currant onboard sound is 16/20/24-bit SPDIF input and output with up to 192 kHz. So unless your speakers are more advanced a new sound card won’t make any difference. (It’s the weakest link effect) to answer weather or not you will see any improvement you will need to post the speakers make and model and the connection type. Are your speaker connected via jack cables or an optical cable.
    Be specific 5.1 connected to a pc tells us nothing
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