So awhile ago I put together a computer and it had a couple issues which I managed to resolve so far. Now, it just keeps restarting at random intervals. Here are the specs:

Gigabyte 880GM Motherboard
AMD 1090T @3.2GHz (want to overclock)
Corsair Hydro Series H70
8GB Mushkin Silverline DDR3 RAM
2TB Hatachi Deskstar HDD
600W SilverStone PSU
ATI 5770

Can anyone help me/tell me how amazing my build is?
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  1. thats not enough information for anyone to offer meaningful advice .

    Have you read the troubleshooting thread?

    Have tou tried running it with one stick of ram

    Have you checked all the heatsinks ?

    What operating system are you using
  2. Windows 7 x64 bit, tried with one stick of ram and all the heatsinks are fine.
  3. check current RAM timings/voltages with RAM and MB manufacturers recommendations...

    But, random restarts....could be PSU-related brownouts/spontaneous resets.

    PSUs are only known good as of the last day your system worked. (Silverstone is likely not the PSU-equal of Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Antec, etc....)
  4. I thought it might be a PSU problem. Also, is 44 celcius a safe system temp for playing games like Starcraft 2?
  5. I have one of those processors. Every once in a while it gets extremely hot locking up whatever I happen to be working on or very close to locking up. Go into the BIOS and set the auto heat thing to it's lowest ( 140-160c ) and see if the computer shuts down. Also when having problems shut down as fast as possible and see where the temp is in the BIOS. Granted it'll drop really quickly but you should get there fast enough to see "abnormal" temps. I'm in the process of trying to work out a solution with heat sinks. Corsair H50 is useless as are a couple of "regular" after market heat sinks and fans. Perhaps there's an undisclosed problem with these processors ????
  6. I've looked at the heat after a crash before, and it is always somewhere around 50c. Is there any way to test if it is the power supply without buying a new one? Also, is there a certain CPU temp that the CPU will reach where the computer will automatically shut off?
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