How to reduce Heat!

hey guys !
i have a pc
Amd Phenom x6 1100t on stock cooler
Gigabyte 880gm-Usb3
Ati 6850
1 tb western digital caviar black
Kingston 1333mhz ddr3 4 gb ram
Gigabyte 720w super psu
and gigabyte Gz-X2
i know the case is pretty bad for this pc setup but i really couldnt afford to buy awesome pc case :(
the problem is...using my Hwmonitor Cpu is 39'C and system is
at 41'c at idle....i got a slow exhaust fan which came with the case :/.
i got only two vents at the side of the pc which is can i get my pc run cool....suggestions please?and is there fans that can be mounted outside the case? Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
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  1. 41 at idle is still good. If you want to lower CPU I can suggest CM Hyper 212+. Low cost but very effective. Do you OC?
  2. no i dont over clock :O am gonna need some extra fans but which one showuld buy? theres no place to put case i am guess ill have to mount it somehow on outside of the case cpu
  3. The pictures of your case show a mounting spot for a fan behind the hard drive cage.
    Do you have an intake fan there? if not I would definately place one there for intake air.
  4. Why would you buy another fan? Are your other temps high? Your current CPU idle is good, not high, but you can lower it by getting a heatsink for your CPU at almost the cost of a case fan
  5. STOPOT said:
    Why would you buy another fan? Are your other temps high? Your current CPU idle is good, not high, but you can lower it by getting a heatsink for your CPU at almost the cost of a case fan

    An intake fan will lower temperatures.
    Also with only 2 exhaust fans,one in power supply and the other on the case back, he will have a very negatige air pressure in the case. This will pull dust in every crack and crevice in the case. Including floppy,cd,dvd,BR drives,ethernet ports,usb ports etc...
  6. But if he is only worried about his CPU temp, heatsink will help the most while case fan will only help very little on CPU.
  7. ohhh thankyou rick and Stopot....rick yes there is place for a fan near the hard disk area which system fan is good?....i think i should also replace the back fan as it came with the case and its not pretty powerful
  8. stopot i really cant buy an after market cpu cooler becoz all coolers are over priced in my country so i have only choice of buying fans but which one do u think will be powerful enough to cool my pc? intake and exhaust
  9. your temps arent high at all, whats the problem? just make sure your airflow is set up correctly. Exhaust fans at the rear/top, intake fan at the lower front (intake fans arent really necessary)
  10. You should also check the environment may be the misplace of the cpu is associated my friend, cpu needs ventilation from intake and exhaust
  11. i did a big stupid thing....i downloaded speed fan and went to configure then advanced and then It8720 then clicked on pwm1mode then turend to On/ its running at 5444 rpm how to change it back? when i put smart gaurdian the cpu fan shuts down then beep sounds comess please help! :O :(
  12. Exit speedfan and restart your computer.
    During restart enter bios and make sure AMD Cool and Quiet is enabled.

    Save and exit.
    Boot into windows and you should be back to normal.
  13. oh sorry for late reply...phew! thnks alot man!!! :D :D anyway i think buying fan would be the best choice...but which fan should i get for intake and exhaust?
  14. Do you know what size fans will fit on those mounts? Maybe it says in the manual? Then, it is easier to find a good pick for you :)
  15. both intake and exhaust are 12cm :D i dont knw which fans to get for it that is powerful enough to cool
  16. and btw does V6 Gt or V8 cooler master fit in my gigabyte gz x2 chassis case?
  17. I am not an expert, but I would think that you would want to look for some 120mm fans that have a high air flow more than silent operation.

    I don't know what you have available in your area, but do a search at or to get an idea of what is offered.

    Maybe someone will have a good recommendation for you here as well. Sorry it can't be me (I only just recently built my first system). To help them out, maybe narrow your picks down to a few fans that appeal to you and then post them here? People can see what is available to you and help you pick between them. :)
  18. ohhh me too...this pc is my first build...i made the mistake of choosing the wrong case :(
  19. no worries maybe the fan upgrades will work out :)

    Another thing that I would recommend is to make sure that all of your wiring is routed in a way that provides as little obstruction to air flow as possible. That seems to make a big difference for people.

    I am interested to see what the inside of your case looks like.
  20. ohhhh ill get a pic of my inner case :D
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