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I hope you could please help me build a good gaming pc and forgive my unawareness about computers.

Approximate Purchase Date: From now Untill the release of "Diablo 3 or Guildwars 2" 2 - 4 months ?

Budget Range: 1000-1100$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming "MMOrpgs" , Surfing internet

Parts Not Required: Keyboard/monitor/mouse/speakers/Case

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Local market

Parts Preferences: any

Overclocking: Maybe "if its easy"....

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: always used 1280x1024 but i dont know how much ill use in Diablo 3/ guild wars 2. "i prefer better performance over good looks"

Additional Comments: i dont mind changing my whole spec but i just wonder if its of any use to keep using the current 1100watts Force Power supply/ Mobo X48-DQ6 and/or Windows XP Home Edition. if they are going to compromise the gaming performance by any mean then ill just buy the new stuff that you recommend.

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  1. Any recommendations ?
  2. Derp's "All Thats Necessary" Build
    Intel Core i5 2400 $190 [...] _-19115074
    MSI P67A-G43 $125/Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H $125 [...] 6813128495
    GSkill Ripjaw X 4Gb (2x2Gb) 1333Mhz $47 [...] 6820231438
    Silverstone Strider Essential 600w $70 [...] 6817256071
    Zotac GTX 460 1Gb $150 [...] 6814500202
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 $50.09 [...] 696&sr=8-3
    LG DvD+RW $20 [...] 6827136216
    Zalman Z9 Plus $70 [...] 6811235027

    Thats my build but assuming I am going to need an overclockable cpu and a better gpu to be competitive in this build off, my revised parts for that case are below.
    Intel Core i5 2500k $225 [...] _-19115072
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ $30 [...] B002G1YPH0
    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 570 $345 [...] 6814125365
    Silverstone Strider Essential 700w $85 [...] 6817256072

    Revised Total
    Check this thread for working links
  3. Thanks.

    what about my current 1100 N Force power supply and Windows Xp ?

    Do i have to change to 600-800 watts good quality PSU and Windows 7 for better gaming performance ?
  4. Can you give a link to your power supply? If it is of good quality and not to old (so that the capacitors havent degraded) then no I say keep it and invest the money in higher performing parts or something. I am assuming XP Home Edition id=s non 64bit if I remember correctly and if that case is true then I think it cant use more then 2Gbs of ram? (Correct me if I am wrong) So if that all is true then yes you need to upgrade to Windows 7 as it can use the 4Gb+ of ram. Games nowadays are requiring at least 4Gb of ram and that is becoming the new standard. So in recap if your power supply is good use the money saved to buy Win7 if you need to.
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