1080p 1920X1080 Display Coming Only For 5-10 Seconds

I have 9600 GT Synergy Edition hooked up with a dvi to hdmi wire to a Samsung HDTV(la22c350d1mxl)
When i change the resolution to 1080 p 1920X1080 it works fine for a few seconds and then reverts back.
Please suggest some solutions.......:(
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  1. when you change the resolution there should be a pop up window asking whether you want to use the current settings, if you dont click on the yes button it will revert back to the previous setting thinking that the new one doesnt work and you cant see anything, thus no clicking...

    thoug that would be silly thing to miss ://
  2. Wtf
    How could i miss such a thing.
    I think i am really relying too much on Tom these days.

    Do it yourself will my motto from now on.

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