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Asus Rampage IV extreme + Corsair hydro H80

I have read in a few reviews that the Corsair H80 has some trouble mounting with the X-socket of the ASUS rampage IV extreme. So I was wondering if anyone had mounted this CPU cooler without problem or if there is an easy work around? Perhaps rotating by +/- 90 degrees.

other components for the build;
NZXT Phantom full tower
Intel i7-3930k
Corsair 2x4GB vengeance
EVGA Geforce GTX 670

suggestions for alternate CPU liquid cooling kits. Need to be future proof.

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  1. I have an H100 on my Rampage IV Extreme, no problems with it at all
  2. Thanks pinhedd
    Also I meant socket 2011 not X socket...
  3. Yeah I know what you meant. The only difficulty that I had mounting my H100 was getting it on straight. The cooler's tubes are rigid (which is a good thing) but this also means that there's not a lot of flexibility. The standoffs which hold the cooler to the motherboard are also a little bit on the short side but as long as you get a nut on each one and then tighten them down it will sit just fine.

    I do not know if there is a difference in mounting the H80 and the H100 but I had no issues with the H100

    EDIT: Unlike other motherboards the RIVE (and perhaps other LGA2011 motherboards) already has the necessary backpanel attached to the motherboard, just thread the provided standoffs into the holes on the motherboard and drop the cooler on top
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    I have the H100 and sure it's a very tight fit so installing make sure the pump head is parallel with the MOBO and you'll get it to slide down. /edit - the only parts I used were the 4 standoff's and screws to install the pump/head unit on my Sabertooth X79.

    Couple footnotes:
    1. The pre-applied TIM spreads out perfectly on LGA 2011 CPUs once fully installed.
    2. Standoff's make sure you use the correct unequal length ==|=== the shorter to the MOBO socket and longer to the pump. Otherwise the head will not make contact with the CPU.
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