Is this a good first time build PC?

Well, Hello!

Basically I'm trying to build a PC. I'm not going to be gaming but i may do some video editing on it. So far my Budget is ~$300-$400. (It's going to be a Micro-ATX Mobo)

So Far What I've got:
ASUS Mobo 880G With USB 3.0 || $100 Amazon Link
500GB WD Hardrive 7200 RPM $60
AMD Athlon II x2 3.1GHZ $63 Amazon Link
500W Corsair PSU $60 Amazon Link
Your Normal DVD Drive $25
A Normal Wifi PCI Network $10
Kingston 2x2GB RAM 1333mhz DDR3 $40
Cooler Master Elite 430 $50 Amazon Link

Now All this is about: ~400 Dollars

But should i get a Asus without usb 3.0 but has everything else for $70 and then get a AMD Athlon x3 for $80. Should i give up usb 3.0 for an extra core (which i could maybe unlock a 4th one) or should i just stick with the USB 3.0 with Dual Core.

If anybody also knows a decent graphics card for cheap then please recommend it :D And should i get Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste?

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  1. Cpu+Case Ahtlon II x3 + NZXT M59 $114
    Motherboard ASRock 870 Extreme 3 or Asus M5A87 $90
    HDD + Power supply $86 Corsair CX500 V2 + WD 500Gb
    Gpu HIS Radeon HD 5670 $60
    Plus the ram you picked out, a DvD drive, and the wireless
    Total= $425 but you have a dedicated graphics card. Just some thoughts and thats before mail in rebates.
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    OP: I like you your build but, I like MGF Derp's build better, it is a better use of funds and if you can stretch your budget a little further id get a phenom II x4 955 a great deal right now for 120ish it will last you a good amount of time into the future depending on what your usage is. I would however at least go with a triple core but imo the 955 is the best bang for your buck even though its more expensive (it will easily overclock to 3.6 and beyond with a stock cooler). I have the cooler master elite 430 on a secondary build and it is excellent for the money, all black on the inside, bottom psu, tool-less mounts, comes with 2 120mm fans, room for 2 exhaust on top one intake in front and on side and one additional fan firing up from the bottom of the case, what more could you really ask for, for the money... although the NZXT case looks nice that MGF suggested, I would at least go for something along the lines of what MGF Derp listed although I would bush for less of a motherboard maybe and more of a cpu (check out the 955), you will not need usb 3.0 imo, and if you want it you can always add a pci card down the road. I have had a usb 3.0 capable board (see sig below) for more than a year and have never used it.

    PS [...] 17-139-027

    the exact psu you listed is a great deal on newegg right now (maybe thats why you picked it) but if not you should check it out, $36 AR
  3. @MGF Thanks a lot for the info and bundles, I probably wont get a GPU but i'm getting everything else and i'm thinking wether to get a CM 430 Elite case of the NZXT M59... Ohwell, I'll check all of that out later then! Thank you!

    @JJB Yeah I can cut back on the GPU and get the 955 AMD, I'll also stick with the Cooler Master 430 i guess!
  4. the cm 430 is a nice budget case, good luck with your build::

    my advise would be to skip the gpu and go for the 955, also if you are interested in higher overclocks, purchase a Cooelrmaster hyper 212+, it is a great cpu cooler for the money and it easily allows me to run my 955 at 3.9 without breaking much of a sweat, just my .02 cents but the 955 is well worth the extra cash imo:

    here is a link to the CM hyper 212+:

    it used to be about 10 bucks cheaper but it oftentimes performs like much more expensive cpu coolers and for the 955 it is more than sufficient.
  5. edit::: the 955 is now $115 on newegg w free shipping, shoot i might order one for my backup rig that is currently running a athlon II x2 240 regor @ 3.5ghz, great deal!! it seems that current phenom II and athlon II chips will continue to slide down in price slightly as we await bulldozer in a few months or more

    If you want to do video editing I would still personally shoot for a low mid range gpu such as a 5670 or gts 450, not to mention that it will do your rig a little more justice then without a discrete gpu, but maybe you can think about something like this down the road after you assess you newly built pcs current performance.
  6. Thanks a lot jjb, I'm really considering to buy the phenom 955, Now I've gotta convince my dad who knows nothing about computers that i should get my own custom pc. Anyways thanks a lot!!!
  7. good luck, have fun, at least is it money smartly spent if you are in need of a basic use pc that will last for a while
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  9. Hold up a mintue. If you buy either of the motherboards I listed you need a graphics card as they come with no video out. So if your going 955 look for something like either of these Gigabytes $65 or $105 The $105 is abetter chipset, has more video output types(dvi,vga,hdmi) and has Sata 6Gb/s USB 3. Just a forewarning.
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