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Motherboard and new power supply compatibility?

I am looking to upgrade the 375w power supply on my box stock dell xps 410 from 5 or so years ago and I don't know what my motherboards specs are. I was wondering if the 450w in the link would be compatible or if there are even compatibility issues with mobos and power supplies.

Here is a spec sheet from Dell.
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    I can't really find any details on the inside of this PC. It should work. Open your PC case and check to see what connects the PSU has to the Mobo. If you have just a 20/24 pin main plug and perhaps a 4/6/8 pin suplimental power (yellow and black wires only), you should be fine. It there is a special connector other than those, you may have an issue.
  2. The only ones I see atm are a 24 pin main plug on the right, and a 4 pin w/ black and yellow on the left. Thank you very much for the reply.

    Quick edit. I read somewhere that I would need 6 sata cables?
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