Want to buy new pc

Hi all, i wanna buy a new pc and just wanted to know if this is gona do the right gaming choice
intel quad i7-2600 3.4ghz
ram 8gbr ddr3
hard disk 2tb sata
nvidia gtx 2gb ddr5
win 7
i saw this in the supermaket,its a HP pavilion HPE-53( cant remember the rest )
here in italy its 1200euros and im considering buying it via montly pay.
so i wanna hear your opinions cuz you know more about computers here than me :)
sorry for my bad english and if i posted this in the wrong section

regards kidrael
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  1. Try to build it on your own. You would get it much cheaper and also brands according to your choice.
  2. dont have the money for that :( and the graphic card is gtx 460 2gb.forgot to write it in the first post sorry
  3. The config seems good. You can go for it if you have no other options.

    But if you build a PC and buy from a shop or online shop don't you get any EMI offers?

    Your AC Milan or Inter! :na:

    :D :D
  4. Don't do it! A gaming PC you say? That one was built very lopsided to be quite mediocre at gaming.

    A GTX 460 is on OK GPU, but you're spending way too much for a 2600k that will go completely to waste for gaming, save $100 and get a 2500k. Then, 8 gigs of RAM... well, not bad, but not needed if you want to save cash. 2x2gb or 2x3gb is enough. You could also save some cash and get a 1TB HDD like a fast WD Black Caviar or a Samsung Spinpoint (F3 I think?).

    I'd definitely recommend you try picking parts yourself and see if you can afford it. If you have a budget we can definitely help. I mean you can easily go with an AMD build too which does have an inferior CPU but on the other hand, is a lot cheaper and for gaming will be absolutely sufficient and allow you to get a good GPU to push those graphic settings like a 6950, or maybe SLI 560s.
  5. the problem is that i cant affort all those parts.thats why im bying it via monthly pay,the other thing is,that,here i cant find any good pc store with parts,and if there is one,i dont know anything bout pc's ( if for example a xxx graphic card is compatible with xxx RAM or xxx Grahpic card,I will go these days in search for one and see if they can give me a list of motherboards and rest,so I can post it here and hopefully u can help me than choose the parts ,thank you very much hell storm and wolfram for your posts.will keep this updated,hope you will check in sometimes :)))
    And i dont watch football hell storm :P :)
  6. Kidrael said:
    And i dont watch football hell storm :P :)

    Ohh noooo! :)

    Anyways keep us posted. If you do find some stores or online shops who would have some EMI facility it would be helpful. The joy of putting it all together is unmatched. We'll keep checking don't worry!
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