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New RAM for an i7 3770 & Asus Maximus V Gene MB

I've put together a new gaming system and I'm looking to upgrade the RAM. My processor is an Intel i7 3770 on an ASUS Maximus V Gene motherboard with the Z77 chipset. I'm fairly new to PC building and I'm not sure what RAM to go with. I've seen some of the new RAM out there that says it's for the new Ivy Bridge processors and they have higher speeds, but I also read that you may need a K series or extreme series processor in order to use the higher speed RAM. Is this true? Since my processor is a 3rd gen processor, but not a K series I didn't know if the higher speed ram would work or not with my board and cpu. I've heard there isn't much performance difference between the 1600 RAM and the ram in the 2000's. Just want to know if my processor can handle higher speed ram and if indeed it can can handle it, is the higher speed ram worth it for gaming? Also how much ram is needed for gaming? I've read that 8 GB is all that is needed, but I was thinking of going with 16GB, any suggestions?
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    Going above 1600MHz requires overclocking in most cases, since the non K series are extremely limited as far as overclocking potential goes it may not be possible to use higher speeds. There is no need for a K or Extreme series though, they will work fine in all systems, they just might not be able to reach the rated speeds.

    I would suggest not going above 1866MHz (1600 even) as there is absolutely no noticable difference in real world application. Anything faster than that is for tiny differences in synthetic tests, and world records.

    Here are a couple kits I would consider.

    All those were selected based on a good color scheme for your MB as well :)

    be careful with some of the taller kits (Geil, Kingston) if you have a large CPU cooler, as they may interfere with it.

    I personally have the Kingston's and highly recommend them, the Corsair Dominator GT line is also known as one of the best ones out there.
  2. Thanks for all the information. That answers exactly what I wanted to know! The cpu cooler I have is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. I was concerned about the height of ram as it did interfere in my previous system (and I've got standard ram currently). However just from looking at the layout of my motherboard it doesn't appear that it will be an issue since the spacing between the RAM slots and cooler are much wider then they were on my previous motherboard.

    So do you think 8GB would be enough for gaming? If so should I go with 2 x 4GB sticks in dual channel or would filling all 4 slots with however much I decide be better? I've never known if using all slots was better or not. Say I went with 16GB would 4 x 4GB sticks be better or 2 x 8 GB sticks? Just wondering.
  3. With Asus boards it is better to go with 2 x XGB, as they can get unstable under an OC with all 4 slots populated, however at stock clocks 4 x XGB is fine as well.

    I would say go with 8GB (2 x 4GB) and in the future if you really need more, you can always put another kit in there.

    EDIT: Also, 8GB DIMMS are still very expensive.
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  5. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions. I think I'm going to go with the Kingston HyperX T1's.
  6. No problem!

    Enjoy :)
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