Win XP and Win 7 on same partition - how to delete XP for more space

I have win 7 and xp on the same partition

I want to get rid of XP altogether so I can get back my 8 gb of space.

How do I do this ??
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  1. One way is:

    Backup Win 7 Data, and reload the OS's and select delete partition when re loading. This will delete both OS's... and you can then load on 7 again..

    Make sure you backup your serial's and your data. This would be painful to do, but im not sure of any other way. Perhaps someone else will comment.
  2. Simple, use BCDedit to edit the boot menu to remove the Windows XP option. Once this is removed you can then simply delete the Windows XP files using Explorer.
  3. Interesting.. Jolly Good.

    Some dirt on BCDedit;
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