Microcenter or newegg?

Hi All,
I am looking to build a new PC this summer. We have a microcenter store reasonably close by - 15 miles - It is a convenient detour while driving back home from work :). Ideally, I would like to buy atleast the critical components from microcenter to avoid the hassle with any issues/returns.
Reviewing the prices, I see that microcenter has the best prices on CPUs and is quite competitive as far as motherboards and cases are concerned. Powersupply units are generally more expensive (atleast by $20). I pay taxes on purchases from both Newegg and microcenter so that isn't a factor.
Newegg has a fantastic selection and great prices on almost everything except CPUs.
What has your experience with Newegg as far as RMA/DOA?
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  1. 60+ Orders and thousands of dollars spend at Newegg. I've never received a DOA component from Newegg (I only thought I did). I know others have, but I haven't.
    I've had to RMA one product (graphic card) purchased from Newegg. They took it back without question and returned 100% of the purchase price.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Newegg has never let me down on the 6 custom builds I have done in the last year. I wish I lived near a Microcenter though. But yeah Newegg has fantastic customer service and is eager to assist you. Also no DOA parts here either and no RMAs
  3. I've also had no problems with newegg. I've yet to receive an item that was bad...I thought one was bad and returned it no questions asked and received a new one in 3 days. Never had any issues with shipping, security, quality. Newegg is awesome. Also, when you buy enough stuff from them you frequently receive discount codes for 10-15% off all sorts of hardware. Well, at least once a month I receive a 72hour discount email on anything I'd need.
  4. How is the customer service at Micro Center?

    The customer service items I would consider important are:

    - Accurate descriptions of products and products in stock unless noted.
    - Prompt shipping.
    - Secure and adequately padded packaging
    - Ease to return defective items.
    - Ease to reach and solve any problems.
    - other customer service parameters you might suggest
  5. Microcenter for CPU and mainboard combo is best
    Newegg for special discount/egg breaker items only
    Amazon for the rest of the system if price is lower than newegg (still no tax till next year for CA)
  6. I like Micro Center because they have 2 year extended warranty. I just find 30 days is not enough for major components like CPU and Mobo and I find them to be a great deal for the price. I hate going through the hassle of bubble wrapping stuff, waiting on the delivery times, and paying for postage out of your pocket. I'd rather take the defect item to the store for a swap instead there.

    I don't mind newegg for smaller stuff like video cards and ram though.
  7. Tmanishere said:
    I like Micro Center because they have 2 year extended warranty.
    You have to pay extra for that extended warranty, though, right?
  8. Agree with the general consensus here. I picked up my cpu + mobo from Microcenter - downside is you gotta drive to pick it up while paying tax.

    I had one instance where my HAF X case came broken - Newegg covered the return shipping cost. And, I got next day shipping for the replacement.

    Purchased an SSD from TigerDirect - had to be drop shipped since TigerDirect didn't have it in their warehouses. Was shipped 2nd day air when I paid for economy shipping.

    FrozenCPU ships fast.
  9. I like Microcenter, Newegg is ok, don't care for some of their return policies. With Microcenter, I've been treated well, also the staff seems to know their products.
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