To get a 2nd 4870 or wait?

Hi currently i have

i7 970(yes 970)
3x2gb ddr3 1600
2x500gb 7200 raid 0(software)
ati 4870 512
24" display 1920x1200, or 42" 1080p LCD tv

i got my 4870 years ago, now i have the option of getting a 2nd 4870 for as little as $65 and run crossfire, i know its not expensive, but i wanted to know will this get me by another year or so, or should i save up and get a newer single card later this year?

i play the usual, crysis 2, f1 racing or any codemasters racing game, nfs, rts games

to restate my question,

should i get the upgrade and skip the 69** generation, or dump my 4870's and get the 69** this year?
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  1. 4870 crossfire would be a quick cheap solution, but personally I'd grab a single 6970, the 4870 crossfire will not do your i7 much justice imo
  2. k thx for the feedback, i guess 4870 it is, can't resist the price, and will keep me open until something like 7980 comes out or something, can't force myself to spend north of 300 for not too huge of an upgrade
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