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I asked about this recently but now I have a different situation.
My laptop has max 16GB and I recently purchased two sticks of 4GB RAM.
I already have 6GB ram in the form of 4Gb and 2Gb.
I have 2 slots which accept 8Gb each.
What I need to know is that can I dual channel with 6GB in one slot and the two 8GB sticks in the other slot?
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  1. Yes with it being the 2nd gen i7, the mobo should support dual channel with more then 2 sticks aslong as there is atleast 2 dimms in use.
  2. i run 2 2gig and 1 4 gig stick in dual channel
  3. On a laptop there's not going to be any discernible differences, but the more 'RAM' you have the longer it takes to wake from Hybrid Sleep or Hibernation -- and IF you have an SSD then the larger the Page File and the S4 file size.

    IF you really want to speed things up then IMO get an SSD -- much faster performance and increased battery life -- waking is considerably faster -- no moving parts to be damaged -- etc. An SSD is a Notebooks best friend.
  4. Thanks, I installed them and they seem to be in Dual channel.

    Do you recommend any SSDs under £100, they are very expensive.

  5. The 'best' are Intel and Samsung. Crucial which is still very good had some deals on 256B for $200 USD and OCZ 256GB for $180 USD.

    I was trying to get you to save money on RAM in the prior post, 6GB in non-Dual Channel is/was plenty for a Notebook.
  6. Thanks but you can't upgrade much on a notebook and I thought I should make use of its full potential.
    Also, is the OCZ Agility 3 worth the money?
  7. RDGnome said:
    Also, is the OCZ Agility 3 worth the money?

    IF it's cheap where you buy in proportional to other SSD's then sure - yes.
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